Friday, February 20, 2009

Arriving in San Jose

We arrived in San Jose after a day of uneventful traveling, got through immigration and customs and picked up our car by 10:30. The adventure began trying to find the hotel. This is how Tikas (costa ricans) give directions while showing you a map: Take this road for a awhile until you see the Nissan sign, go 3 blocks 1 2 3 then turn left on colon. There are not street signs. Go 2 more blocks 1,2  You'll see the the sign it looks likes this (Shows me the Best Western logo).  Oh and lock your doors and don't talk to anyone that is a bad neighborhood.
The streets really are sporadically marked and Marty had problems with the counting blocks thing. The next thing you know we are lost, and I turned down a one way street. There are lights of a police car coming at me. I pulled over and was really glad I could speak Spanish and plead how lost we were. They were very nice and told me to turn around and follow them. (We'll go 3 blocks to the left and turn right and go 2 blocks to the right. There is a big sign thats says Best Western) So we arrived at our hotel in our first night in Costa Rica with a police escort.