Friday, December 4, 2009


Lori, my cousin and florist by trade, brought me this beautiful wreath.

Cardinal detail of wreath
Purple Kale on front porch.

My cousin, Lori, and her daughter, Megan came to visit and get a 3D ultrasound of Megan's baby. Fortunately, Evan cooperated very nicely and showed us his chubby little face. We will be excited to see how he looks on the outside the beginning of February.

Good news. My agency generously allowed me to apply for partial disability for 3 more months, which will maintain my full time status, and allow me to figure out my insurance. Working full-time is too hard for me and the insurance is only for full time workers. I can get a subsidy for Cobra from the government if I quit all together, but I feel better when I work. Bob Casey has introduced legislation in the Senate to subsidize part time workers who have been down-sized. Hopefully is works for illness too , or I guess the agency could downsize me. It is a big relief not to have to worry about this before Christmas.
So for those of you are confused about changes in the Health Care System:Think of me.

Work=Good Health Insurance
Get Sick, or lose job= lose health insurance.
Continue insurance on Cobra=no money, not working remember?

Also small businesses need relief.
Sick employees= raise premiums. My agency's premiums went up 37% this year based on usage.
Too bad they don't lower them if everyone stays healthy.

I am so disappointed that the Republicans won't get on board with novel ideas instead of just shooting every thing down. If everyone would work together, the Republicans could keep an eye on the money and look for ways to cut costs, and the Democrats could work on access for everyone. I thought that was how the government was supposed to work.