Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tough Time at the Cattle Ranch this week

Ever since Thanksgiving, I have been feeling more tired and my legs are weak. I asked our sonagrapher to give me a quick ultrasound. She told me that the liver didn't have tumors to measure: that it was all metastisized. If that was the case, I didn't want more expensive, ineffective treatment.
My oncologist ordered a CT scan for Tuesday night night at 8:o0 PM. That went ok until we got home. I was trying to get up into the house from the garage when when my legs went out from under me and I went tumbling two steps down to the garage floor. My eye was bloody, my wrist, shoulder, elbow were bruised. So, we hopped in the car and went to the emergency room.
I got a CT scan of the brain, chest, and abdomen, 2 x-rays of the shoulder and ribs. Everything was clear (I was particulary happy that the brain was clear.)
After all that testing; they told me I was clear, they slapped ONE steristrip on!
One the way home, we discovered it had begun to snow. The P.T. Cruiser couldn't make it up the hill, so we hiked up, Marty pulling me up the hill by one arm.
I felt better the next day and went to my to my 5:00 PM nurse visit. The oncologist called and said : she is still driving!!! He also said we had a good sonagrapher, that she was right about the metastisis.
Marty was very brave, and asked for a prognosis. The doctor said weeks or months. So there you have it. I am stopping any kind treatment. We are all so surprised it progressed so quickly.