Sunday, November 15, 2009

For the time being, I have given up on finding my camera until I can clean up my office.
The surprise:
When I arrived home from visiting my mum and opened the garage door, I saw the back end of a red car that I had never seen before. Apparently Marty thought my almost 15 year old Saturn was looking too sad and he bought me a PT Cruiser. It is bright, shiny red with wood panels, very retro and kinda cute. I was not a big fan of PT Cruisers, but this one is really nice: 2005 with only 60.000 miles, heated leather seats and a sun roof. So I've been tooling around in my new red car. It is nice for hauling mothers and babies around because it has all the right latches and hooks for the new car seats. I've been waiting to blog a picture, but the missing camera has delayed things.
I worked 40 hours this week for the first time in a long time. I got caught up with all my current clients. One even came out out the woodwork that I thought was lost forever. Turned out she went to Mexico for a two months and just got back. Working was good, although I spent a lot of time sleeping this weekend.
I just got back from shape note singing. I thought I would be too tired, but the singing really perked me up. It seems if I find something interesting to do, it distracts me from feeling tired.
Although as everyone likes to remind me: We all get tired.
I'm planning to work full time for the next few weeks to see how that goes.