Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Back Story of this week

   I started chemotherapy on Monday, December 21, 2008. I was there from 8 o'clock in the morning until 5:00 PM.  Before they even started the chemo they gave me bags and bags of medicine to avoid nausea, replace minerals that would be depleted, and lasix to pee it all out among other things. I spent most of the day sleeping. Allie was a gem, staying with me the whole day. Marty was in and out bringing lunch and amusements. 
   Tuesday morning, I had to go back in for the second day of treatment. Fortunately, that was only one medicine and I was done in about two hours. I got out in time to go to my agency's holiday party. I felt great, ate lunch and headed off for an MRI of the brain. No word on that yet.  I rested all afternoon so I could go pick up Caitlin at the airport. Just as we were leaving, she called to say her flight had been cancelled until the following day due to a storm in chicago! We were all a little dismayed, but Allie said, "Let's put on our pajamas and finish the gift wrapping." 
   Wednesday's treatment was a repeat of Tuesday. We tried to do a little last minute shopping in the rain. Thankfully Dave, Allie and Sulen picked Caitlin up from the airport. She arrived in time for the late service at Peace Church. It was a lovely service as always.
    I had to go into the hospital on Christmas morning for a shot to stimulate my bone marrow to make white blood cells to fight off infection. That was easy: in and out. Allie made us a marvelous breakfast of pancakes and bacon, which tasted great.  We had our traditional Indian feast for Christmas dinner, followed by a visit to the Burds to catch up with the Brickers.