Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008

      Except for the economy and cancer, it was a good year for us. Baby Preview did well, my Dad had successful heart surgery, we won the sailboat race. I did a lot of singing, some dancing, gardening, reading, some writing. camping, and traveling. It was probably more enjoyable than 2009 will be. 
     I spent the last day of 2008 getting a hair cut, and getting ready for my parents to visit. My dear friend, Penny, came over to help me clean the guest room and bathrooms. Nothing lifts the spirits like clean bathrooms. Marty brought live lobsters and yellow tulips home from the market. We had a roaring fire in the woodstove to ofset the raging wind storm out side.
   Although I was tired all day, a nap revived me for New Year watch and I have to say that I feel normal. and it feels good
Happy New Year friends