Wednesday, April 15, 2009


6 cycles of chemo are over!!!! now is the time to rest and recover.  It seems crazy that we started on December 22, but now it is April and it is over.  
Fate was against us for yesterdays treatment.  My alarm clock didn't go off so we were a little late, then a truck got stuck getting off the bypass, and finally the ticket machine to get into the parking lot at the hospital was broken so mom had to run in while I waited to park the car.  We ended up waiting around and then mom got sick, but after that we were able to get the treatment with minimal other issues.  In the evening after mom's nap we went shopping and got mom new purple glasses, a very jackie-o dress for a wedding and some cute tops (and I got a pasta attachment for my kitchenaid mixer!!!!).
Today's treatment went okay.  Mom woke up this morning and took care of errands and tried to go to Team Meeting but it was cancelled, which kept her mind off the afternoon's treatment.  We played two hands of rummy, she took a nap and then it was time to go home.
Tomorrow we have to get the shot and then we are really done,  Mom tried to convince me that she doesn't need it because just walking in to the hospital makes her sick, but I reminded her how terrible it would be if she got a cold on top of recovering from the chemo.  Which reminded us of all the bad things that could have gone wrong with her treatment but haven't and we are really blessed that all in all it went pretty smoothly.  The sheer fact that the tumors responded is just a blessing enough because ~ 40% of patients don't.
However, we no longer have to worry about that and can just rest and recover.  Hopefully the recovery will be a little easier with 25% less cisplatin and just mentally knowing that the treatments are all over.  Now she'll have time to focus on some fun things like going on a yoga retreat, visiting me in worcester and cait in chicago, and going to the beach this summer.
Hopefully once mom wakes up from her nap she'll be ready to celebrate!