Monday, April 13, 2009

One down... two to GO!

Today we started the last cycle of the six rounds of chemotherapy.  Mom hid behind the couch but we found her and dragged her out.  We promised her easter candy and she proceeded to eat my entire chocolate bunny throughout the day almost eating its little yellow bow.  She had her port accessed with minimal issues and will have it if left in for day 2 and 3 so we won't have to worry about it again until the doctor flushes it every 3 months.
Penny had the day off so she kept Mom and I company all day at the hospital and Mary also stopped by to visit around lunch time.  Charlie the Therapy dog also visited who we have seen a couple times; however today was an extra special day for him since a member of his breed, portuguese water dog, is going to be taking up residence in the white house.
It was a pretty uneventful day except mom beating Penny in cribbage and both us in rummy.  Being a little anemic doesn't appear to hurt her card game.
We came home and watched a dvd of arrested development and are resting up for tomorrow.