Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Meike and I went for pedicures when she was here. I heard it was going to be warm today so I wore sandals to church. It wasn't warm enough for sandals, but sometimes vanity triumphs in the fashion vs. comfort decision. I bought pansies yesterday and it is warm enough to work outside in the sunshine. I need to tidy up the front of the house since I am having company on Thursday for Passover. The guest list has burgeoned to 26 plus 3 babies. It is great to have a big house for these occasions.
I have been trying to build myself back up for the next round of chemo since I spent so much time on the couch this go round. I swam 30 laps on Friday and that went really well. Marty and I went contra dancing last night. I wasn't feeling tip-tip, so I only danced a few dances, but it was good to get out and socialize.