Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beautiful Weather to recover from the flu

It is much nicer to recover from the flu in the fall than in the winter.

Anti-procrastination project between naps

marty took a little sunshine to see it that would make him feel better
Woods behind the house
Our leaves don't rival New England, but could the sky be any bluer?
I feel a little better today, as my cough isn't as frequent. I have been coughing so much that the muscles in my solar plexus hurt. I took lots of naps and ate Chicken Soup with Rice and worked on my procrastiation list of things to do. (15 minutes at a time) At least, I feel like I have something to show for the time that I have been slacking at home. Tonight, I'll watch National Treasure and do some mending.
Marty is improving too, but felt dizzy after a little walk in the woods. We are both better than yesterday.
The hospital said to come in for chemo is I don't have a fever.