Saturday, October 17, 2009

Congratulations Allie!!

Where Allie's dart hit the monkey
Allie called today to say that the research paper, of which she is second author,will be published! It was their first choice of the journals too. If want a laugh, ask her what the title is and what it means. Dare you.

I get a big whopping dose of decadron, a steroid, with my chemotherapy to avoid nausea. It works, but it hypes me up for a couple days, until I crash. I take pills to supposedly taper it off. I really like all the energy I have the day after chemo. I did many loads of laundry, sorted through my paper work, and made dinner tonight (pork chops with apples in sauce, roasted root vegetables with fresh herbs (finally used up the turnips), and spinach salad.
I promised myself I wouldn't stay up too late tonight, so I will have to post my jungle pictures tomorrow.
Band from the Wedding