Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here is the new carpet and my new hot pink scarf. I had a restful day today. I slept late and attended church at Hope Lutheran. I started a new Jodi Picoult book and read until I fell asleep. My buddy Bob brought over some more of his delicious bread and we started to make plans to go to Old Songs Music Festival. I should take pics of Bob's bread: it is just beautiful.
I finished off the day singing shape notes at Exeter Meeting. For my first turn, I chose "A Thankful Heart": Give me a calm and thankful heart from every murmur free...

Most of the time I am bitter about how nasty the chemotherapy makes me feel, but today I was thinking that I should be more grateful that it's working and that I haven't any side effects that would keep me from getting it. My blood counts have been good, I haven't had infections or been sick with fever. I don't think I'm quite bouncing back this time, but I only have to get through two more. My last chemo, God willing, will be the day after Easter.