Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Starting to feel human

I woke up with some energy to do a little house blessing this morning. Just emptying the trash, clearing clutter and shining the sink brings a ray of sunshine. I've had many bouquets of daffodils given to me in the last week. Daffodils are my favorite early spring flower. I find their shape miraculous and their shade incredibly cheerful. The only cloud on my day was taking Meike to the airport to send her home to Germany. It was so wonderful to have her here and so sad to see her go.
It has been a hard week, physically and psychologically. I trust every day will be a little better and tell my self the end of this treatment is near. It could be so much worse. I haven't been ill with infections or had allergic reactions to the treatments. So I am trying to be a little grateful for the complications that didn't happen.
I have Passover and Easter preparations to distract me this week and next. I'll probably try to go to work for a few hours tomorrow. Thanks to all for your encouragement, cards and gifts.