Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday Busy day

I felt good yesterday, went to work and worked a full day. I was tired when I got home, made dinner and fell asleep after dinner. No time to blog.
My clients have started to call me wondering how I am feeling. They are very sweet: just asking after my health, not asking for appointments or help. Yesterday I did have one girl with a housing emergency, a tussle with a hospital clinic over appointments, a good-bye last visit and an almost last visit with a client who is getting ready to graduate from high school.
I took my client who was graduating from the program to a play land. The little guy was playing at the toy sink, pretending to wash his hands. Then he came over and took my scarf off my head. I couldn't figure out why he did that until he started to pretend dry his hands with my scarf. He was really cute. It is satisfying anytime my little toddlers show a spark of imagination.
Today we are getting new carpet in the basement in preparation for the whole family coming for Mom's Birthday weekend next week. Marty has been wanting to replace the pink carpet since we bought the house, so this seemed like the right time.