Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thursday Next to the last day

In the morning we went back to manuel antonio park in hopes of seeing more monkeys and to go the beach.We were successful and saw a lot of the white faced cappachins. There was a troop of howler monkeys moving through the trees and we followed them for a while, but they weren't close enough to get good pictures. This little hermit crab crawled across my crossword while I was reading on the beach. I also watched two iguanas hold a conversation by bobbing their heads at one another.
We also saw two sloths, one of which was holding a baby.
At high tide we took a tour through the mangrove swamps in a boat. Marty found a tour guide who is a naturalist, so we had an interesting lecture on the ecology of the mangrove tree swamps. We saw more monkeys, one with a newborn, lots of water birds, crabs and a type of boa snake. There were anteaters hibernating in trees. The tour finished with a beautiful sunset over the pacific. Afterwards, they took us to a local joint to have our platos casados of tipical food.