Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Round 4 Days 1-3

Well it's back to boring old chemotherapy. The vacation was good to distract me from dreading it so much this time. My friend and pastor, Mary went with me to keep me company. Allie is staying in Boston for this round because she has major things to do to get ready for the qualifiers for her PHD program.  I was reallly grateful the the snow storm was not predicted to come as far west as Reading. We put the SUV at the bottom of the hill just in case Mary couldn't get out.  It was a nice day to sit and chat and play cards. We are both always so busy. A relaxing day was a treat. The only downside was that the nurse pulled the iv out of the port while I wasn't being vigilant, so I had to have it reinserted the next day, which wasn't fun.  Marty had the driveway plowed while I was getting the chemo so we were able drive up the driveway and I didn't have to hike.
Day 2 
Marty was my chemo buddy. Day 2 always seems to much shorter because it is only 2 hours instead of 8. I was tired and slept all afternoon. My stomach is little touchier this time. Chicken soup for lunch and baked potato for dinner. More sleep after dinner.
Day 3 
I'm getting Day 3 infusions even as I type. Marty is here with me reading the New Yorker. I should have gotten up at 4 AM when my stomach was growling becuase when I finally got up at 6:30, I was feeling pretty nauseous. I ate and took a bunch of pills, except for the $120.00 one, until I was sure that I was going to keep it down. Wednesday is team meeting at work, so I went in for an hour before my chemo to get caught up from my vacation. 
My mom is coming for a visit for a few days. She will arrive sometime this afternoon and stay until Monday. I am looking forward to some comfort food.
After today 4 down two to go. I can almost smell the champagne.