Saturday, May 16, 2009

I did It!

Allie, Leo, her team and I walked the 7K (4.4 miles) for the Cystic fibrosis walk today. It was a beautiful day: not to0 hot with nice breeze. I was tired after the walk, but it wasn't bad walking. We had a good time. Leo pulled me up the hills (and Worcester is a hilly place). Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. It gave me encouragement to trudge on. Allie is having a party tonight to celebrate qualifying for her PHD.
The yoga retreat was wonderful and everything I expected and more. I started every day with an hour and 15 minute gentle yoga class. There were all kinds of classes for improving heath, diet, avoiding stress that were inspirational. I took Ayruvedic medicine and health, Transforming your life, Resiliency and dealing with stress, drumming. I did another hour and a half of moderate yoga at 4:15 PM. I met a lot of nice people and made some new friends.
The retreat itself is located in Western Mass. I had a beautiful view from my window. (I hope to post pictures from Allie's computer.) The food was fabulous. It was all fresh and deliciously prepared. They had separate buffet lines for vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There were lots and lots of vegetables prepared the best I've ever tasted vegetables. Breakfast was silent. That was different but I really liked just sitting and thinking about my food and being quiet.
I will be at Allie's until Monday. I have to back on Tuesday for a Cat scan to see how well the chemo worked.