Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well here it is Thursday. I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week. I got off track with my plans for yoga and improving my diet as the the week progressed. But tomorrow is another day. I only have one appointment. It is a goodbye trip to the Oley Dairy petting zoo. The nurses at the Nurse Family Partnership are delighted that the Dairy has reopened. It was a sad day when we read in the paper that the dairy had closed and the animals sold. We take our mothers and toddlers there for our last visit. It's free and we can have a lot of fun for the the price of crackers to feed the animals and an ice cream cone.
I had my CAT scan on Tuesday, but I won't know the results until next Tuesday when I have my appointment with the doctor. I usually pretend I have to get my results to hand carry to Fox Chase so I can look at my records before hand. I decided to wait this time. I don't know what it means if the results show that the cancer is gone or if there is still some there, so I may as well wait till I am with the doctor. He may not know what it means either, but at least I can ask him questions.
On the up side, my hair is starting to grow back. It is about an 1/8th of an inch long and not quite everywhere on my scalp. I sort of look like a duckling. I tried to take a picture but no luck so far. It is really white. I want to dye it, but my co-workers told me I have to wait until there is more.
I took Tipper for his summer shave. He looks very handsome, but I think he is mad at me. He is really tuckered out. Leo is still hale and hearty. He'll be with us till Allie comes back from vacation.