Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Here is a close up of the azalea that Caitlin sent me for Mother's Day. It is beautiful: big and lush and will be my passenger on my travels to Massachusetts for the yoga retreat and to visit Allie. I arrived at the farm with the SUV full of Allie's 4 deck chairs and her little refrigerator. Mom and I went to the garden center and I added 6 bags of peat and 3 bags of compost. I am hoping that I can get my suitcase back in.
The picture of the cow licking her calf is my Miother's day picture. I was trying to capture a picture of cows doing something interesting, but you know cows....
On Saturday, there were Amish buggies going by the farm all day. They had been to the lake fishing. Some were towing canoes and others had the canoes tied to the top of their covered buggies. It just struck as something one doesn't see every day.
I've had a relaxing visit at home and I'm looking forward to my trip to Kripalu Yoga center tomorrow. I won't be blogging, texting, talking on phone, or checking my email while I'm at my retreat. So I'll see you Friday.