Thursday, September 17, 2009

2nd chemo

Here I am at the Reading Hospital getting my 2nd chemo. I saw the Physician's Assistant today which was unremarkable. It's busy here. I've been here since 9:30 and it's 1:00 and I still have a bag of stuff to go. There are a lot of younger people here today, which is kind of depressing.
Everyone is so darn cheery, but I still hate this place and how it smells.

I called my two afternoon visits to tell them that I would be late. One had delivered her baby yeserday.. Unfortunately, it's not hospital I am at, but maybe I'll get a chance to see a new baby this afternoon. I haven't had a new baby since Janauary 1.

i got home yesterday afternoon and napped while Marty played secretary at Baby Preview. I feel the need to stay home for a while and get the house tidy and do the laundry. Poor Marty is sick with a bad cough, so I should cook supper too.