Monday, September 28, 2009

The annual debate: Should I dig up the pointsettias and bring thme in or let the frost get them?

Mums are the best thing about fall.

This "chemo-lite" every week is interesting. The first two days I'm all hyped up on the steroids. Friday, I worked then Marty and I went swimming, then folk dancing. Saturday we took the sailboat out for the Sail Club races. We didn't sail so well, but we had a good time. Sunday I thought I should wind down, so I stayed home and got the house tidy and caught up, finally, with the laundry. By Saturday night I was beat and today I slept all afternoon. I am going to have 2 weeks rest from the chemotherapy, so we will see how that goes.
Thursday I will drive up to Boston to meet Caitlin and Allison and stay for a long weekend. Then the following Thursday, Allie and I will jet off to Ecuador.
Marty is going sailing while I am in Boston, so we are going to need a dog/house sitter for this weekend if anyone is available.