Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good News, Sad News and a mix of life.

The sad news is that my mother-in-law, Isabelle, is hospice care in the hospital in Florida. Marty, Nora, David, Everett, Cory and Amanda are there. She is not expected to survive long. I really don't know much more at this time.

The good news is that my mom came home from the hospital today. She left the hospital around noon after a busy morning of tubes and wires being removed, dressing changed etc. I asked Janet if she slept the whole way home after such an active morning. She said that actually Mom chatted the whole way; she was so excited to get home..

The pictures are of my garden, after I cleaned it up a little. I put no maintenance into it all summer. John, Kathy and Amy's hard work constructing it made it a self-growing garden. I basically planted it and then took a lot of trips. The pictures show a bumper corp of turnips. I thought I had planted radishes! Anybody have a recipe that uses a lot of turnips? I was pleased that I got any thing out of it after all the neglect.

Talked to the doctor today. Will be starting new chemo soon. details to follow when I know more and am in the mood to talk about it.