Friday, August 21, 2009

Biopsy Update

After calling several times today, to check on on the status of my mom (she apparently left all her cell phones in the car and Marty had not gone out to get them) I got a hold of Marty and through him my mom. She had to get a needle and a tissue biopsy (she hasn't had the tissue before) and everything apparently went well with them, except my mom said it seemed like they had to keep pushing deeper. After the biopsy, however my mom was complaining of pain, and they tried to give her medication but none helped. They also did a catscan to make sure everything was alright and it appears that it is but that didn't seem to stop the pain. However, they were able to give her some medication that helped that put her right to sleep, and when I talked to her she was a little loopy and ready to take another nap. They said once the medication wears off and she eats something she can go home, but she might end up spending the night in the hospital.