Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicago,Chicago is my kind of town

After making sure that my mom was out of the woods and in Janet's capable hands, I continued on my trip to Chicago on Saturday. Thanks to my mom, I missed all the heavy moving. Caitlin's new house is very nice: vintage Chicago. Right now it's cluttered up with a lot of boxes. Caitlin loves her stuff. I tease her that she has the Grandma Claire gene; although Caitlin is tidier and much sweeter.
Sunday, we went through the stuff that was left, sorting and pitching. Today she had to go to work, so I went over and cleaned. All we have to do is gather up her plants and garden, take out the trash and we are done.
I talked to Janet this morning. She said they have mom walking and she has pain. She was the most alert that she has been. I think the whole experience was overwhelming. Janet feels she turned the corner for continued recovery today.