Monday, August 3, 2009

Leaving home and traveling to Canada

Pig Roast
box pig wa roasted in

My niece Kyleigh and me swimming in Deka Lake

Elton John at Citizen center in Philadelphia

We were three rows from the stage. Last Thursday, Allie and I left the beach, drove home and I packed for our British Columbia/Alaska trip. We took off for Philadelphia to stay overnight in a hotel for our early fight.
After we got settled in the hotel, we headed over to the Citizens Bank baseball field for the Elton John/ Billy Joel concert. Marty's nephew Everett, is friends with a band member and gave us free tickets. I felt like I was a recipient for the Make a Wish Foundation. Our tickets were only 3 rows from the stage. It was pretty amazing. We left early to avoid traffic and because we had to get up at 4:15 AM
Our flight to vancouver was uneventful. I got to see Star Trek again. Janet met us at the airport, we picked up our rental, dropped off Janet's car for the week and headed north to Deka Lake for the Gerard Family Reunion. Alan, Bryce and Kyleigh were already there with our tents up. Saturday was fun. We went swimming in the lake and I was runnerup in the cribbage tournament! Andy did a great job roasting the pig in his home made pig roaster.
We took off sunday morning after a huge campsite breakfast and made our way to Jasper, alberta. The drive was beautiful. We are staying in a cabin in the park and are off to tour the park today.