Thursday, August 13, 2009


We only have another half hour in port with internet connection, so I have to be quick. We just came back from a wonderful afternoon of kayaking. Apparently it rains every day in Ketchekan, but today was 75 degrees and clear blue skies. Even God seems to be on the board of the Make a Wish foundation. We have had perfect weather for every activity that we have planned.
I have been having trouble uploading from my computer, so you will have to wait until I am back in PA to see more pictures.
When we were kayaking, we saw a bald eagle nest with an eaglet in it and the parent near by in a tree. We also so saw a harbor seal and a red throated loon.
Yesterday we spent half the day Cruising Glacier bay which is an amazing ecosysytem. I saw mountian goats (finally) on the way in. While we were "parked" at the end of the fiord to look at the glacier fields, we saw a grizzley come to the shore and eat a fish and nose around for another half an hour. I also saw orcas, sea otters, sea lions. I also got to see the glacier "calve" That's when a big hunk of it falls into the water with a crash. I was sitting on the verandah and just happened to be looking at the glacier when I saw a huge wall of ice break off break off and make a resounding kersplash. Well we are sailing. Will be home on Sunday morning.