Friday, August 28, 2009

A Twist of Fate

So my mom started out her journey to Chicago yesterday, and was hoping to get to my Grandparent's Farm around dinner time, to visit and spend the night before continuing on her journey. However, when she was about two hours away she got a call that my Grandmother ( they very same one she was visiting) was in the hospital. My Grandma, had a cardiologist appointment yesterday morning, and he became concerned with her, and sent her to another hospital to potentially get a pacemaker put in this morning. My mom was able to meet her at the hospital but it turned out that my Grandma's condition was much worse, with many of her arteries clogged. Thankfully my mom was already en route and was able to be with her last night and this morning before surgery, my Aunt Janet also made it in safely this morning after flying the red-eye from Portland. This morning/afternoon she had 7 bypass surgeries and they fixed a valve in her heart. They have finished all the surgeries and everything seems to have been successful, they are putting her back in her room, but my mom and Aunt have not gotten to see her post- surgery yet but they should be able to soon.
So Mom's trip to Chicago to see Caitlin has been postponed, but since my Aunt is in town I am sure she'll be heading there once my Grandma feels better and then she will probably take care of my Grandma for a bit on her way back to eastern PA, but she will also have to start some treatment herself once we get her biopsy results back.
But thankfully, everything went well and was successful and my Mom was glad she could be there!