Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ground squirrel

Athabasca Falls


Janet Marty and Alan

big horn sheep
We traveled from Jasper to Banff today. Along the way we stopped at Athabasca Falls, Columbia Icefield, Sun wapta falls and the Columbia Icefields. It was overcast today. We only saw one deer, one sheep and colony of golden mantled ground squirrels, which look like chipmunks. The sheep really are sure footed. This 0ne walked down a practically vertical rock wall.
We are staying at a very nice condo with a loft and fireplace in Banff. The stretch of highway between Jasper and Banff is purported to be among the most magnificent scenic spots in the world. I would be inclined to agree. We plan to go to Lake Louise tomorrow.
It is chilly tonight so we are relaxing at home in front of the fire. (which I started with one match for those of you who care)