Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lake Louise and traveling to Vancouver

We have been on Zuiderdam since Saturday. ( Today is Monday.) I have taken to ship life. Originally, cruising didn't appeal to me except for standing on deck looking at the scenery. But I am really enjoying the fancy dinners and all the other amenities of the cruise ship. Janet and I have been line dancing, soaking in the hot tub and playing team trivia! I have been having breakfast delivered to my room each morning.
The pictures are mostly of Lake Louise. After Lake Louise we drove to Mission to pick and J. and Alan's car, then on to Vancouver. We visited the Hanging Bridge and had Thai food. Pictures to follow. Boarding the ship was really exciting. when we walked into our room we were astounded. I expected a little cabin with a port hole. They upgraded us to a stateroom with a double glass door and a terrace! I still feel like the recipient of make-a-wish foundation!
Yesterday we were at sea all day and it was a cloudy. Today was magnificent. It was bright, sunny and warm. This morning the ship headed up the Tracey Arm fiord. It was a beautiful cruise with mountains, glaciers and beautiful green water. We saw lots of whales. (detailes and pictures to follow). We also saw stellar lions, a harbor seal, bald eagles.
My blogging will be sporadic because I can't use the phone on the computer from the ship.
Tomorrow we go to Skagway.