Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad News at the doctor.

My oncologist gave me the results of my CT scan at my appointment on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the tumors have started to grow again. The tumor in the lung doubled in size from .9cm to 1.8cm, as did one of the liver tumors. There is also a new one in the liver. It was a bit of a shock: I thought I would have more time before they started to grow again. The doctor wants me to do chemotherapy mid August after we come back from our vacation to Canada and Alaska. I don't know if I can.
I'll have another CT scan before starting the chemotherapy on the off chance that the Tarceva pills I take every day are doing something.
Marty, of course, is sad and upset and searches the internet every day for clinical trials. I'm still tired from the radiation and have been resting a lot. I still go to work every day. I've been starting to pack for my week at the beach with Caitlin and Allison and our trip to British Columbia and the Alaskan cruise with my sister and BIL.
I really appreciate all the support and encouragement everyone has given me. I am sorry that I don't have better news.