Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy day / Feeling a little better

Our team meeting at work today was orienting to our new curriculum. After doing things pretty much the same way for nearly 10 years, it is a bit of a shock to the system. On the other hand we had been asking for changes and revisions. The main difference will be that the clients will have more imput in what we talk about each visit instead of us showing up with a preplanned visit. I think it will put some fresh life into the visits
I had my appointment for the teaching for Tarciva today. Not too much learn: take on empty stomach, side effects etc. My blood work was ok. I stopped by Radiology to talk to a nurse about how bad I was feeling. The doctor was standing at the desk so they just refered me to him. He said that the Radiaion continues to accumulate in the body for 5-7 days after the radiation and I am probably experiencing the peak effects and that they should taper off over the next few days.
So I guess I'll start the new medication when I get up in the morning.