Monday, July 20, 2009

Wearing scarves in the summer isn't as much fun as it was in the winter. I'd just go around bald, but I'm trying to heal up my skin and of course there is the sunburn issue.
We had quiet weekend. I had planned to go the concert in City Park and meet up with friends, but it rained. I assumed it was canceled, but the paper had a review o the singer the next morning, so I was bummed.
Saturday I relaxed in the morning, then did some shopping. Nora, Jason, Kyle and Isaac come for dinner. Nora and Jason both have birthday's this month, so we had a very informal birthday party. Kyle and I had a good time building marble works and Isaac watched us. He is a pleasant, smiley baby. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures.
I was tired Sunday morning, so I read and napped all morning. Marty talked me into a bike ride. We rode along the Tulpehocken on the tow path. It is flat easy riding, about 8 miles round trip.
I got back in time to go sing at the Exeter Meeting House. I am going to miss singing while I am on vacation.
I was pretty tired today. I don't know if it is still the radiation, the Tarceva, or the disease process. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat: like at my desk at work or when I try to read on the couch. I made two visits today and straighten out some other stuff for clients. My caseload is smaller now, so it is manageable.
I am having trouble getting motivated to pack for vacation. I have my house sitting issues resolved I think, so that is a big relief. I promised myself that I would do 15 minutes a day, the Flylady way.
I'm off to the radiologist tomorrow. He won't do much except order an MRI of the brain. I also see the psychologist. That visit will probably be more useful.