Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life goes on

Sweet peas growing wild in yard

Golden Raspberry

Somehow bearing bad news is easier in the summer. Everything in the garden is growing and so alive. I have 3 kinds of berries growing in the yard, I picked lettuce the last two nights for dinner. I have one little green tomato and lots of herbs. My flowers are at the height of their season thanks to all the rain, then sunshine this week. The orchard up the road has sweet corn and peaches. There are lots of good things to somewhat balance the bad.
I had a pleasant day at work; visiting two clients. At the grocery store I ran into my family with twin girls, who graduated last December. We chatted in line and they bragged about how they are potty trained and how smart they are. I felt so proud of them for how well they are doing.
Tomorrow I'll be taking a client to the Oley Dairy to feed the goats and eat ice cream for our for our last visit. That's always fun.
I'm planning a quiet weekend of getting ready for vacation. I still need some house/dog sitting coverage. Needs to make lists, shop etc.
I broke out in my first pimple today, so we will see how bad that gets.