Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coneflower and bee
garden growing
These radishes seem to be all greens

Wine berries.
We had a good rain last night and every thing looks great in the sunshine this morning. I'm off to buy a baby shower gift for our sonagrapher at Baby Preview, go the bank, and the Farmer's Market.
Caitlin, Allie and I are making plans for the beach. Allie and I still have dog sitting plans to work out. I may go shopping for some new clothes for our trip to British Columbia and the cruise to Alaska. I am looking forward to sitting for a week on the beach with nothing to do but read and chat with Caitlin and Allie.
I still feel tired and nap a lot. I'm getting more pimples, but most of them are on my chest and back.
Off to shopping...