Friday, July 24, 2009

Skunky Leo
Poor Tipper
Where is your nose Milagro?
Donde esta tu nariz?
I will be discharging little Milagro and her mom in August, when she turns two. This picture is what makes it all worth while. She knows where her nose is and and can name 5 other body parts. She knows at least 50 words and she calls me by name. When I started with this family, I had no idea how it would all turn out.
Allie arrived around nine with Leo in tow. Marty is going to watch him when we are at the beach.
He took off as soon as Allie let him out of the car. Outside it smelled really strongly of skunk and he came back stinking to high heaven. We were both really tired, but both dogs had to get a bath before we went to bed.
I will finish my packing tomorrow and we will head off to Rehoboth as early as possible.
Yeah vacation!