Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bris and the Super Bowl

Now there is a combination! The ceremony was very nice, it was like an infant baptism, welcoming the baby into the faith and urging the parents to raise him in the faith. Except the baby gets circumcised instead of sprinkled with water. The pictures are of the mohel and Isaac, me and Isaac and the happy grandfather. Notice the baby is sucking on a q-tip soaked in wine. I was a little shocked, but I have to say it works to quiet them down
Our lasagne turned out great. Dinner went smoothly. We had 10 adults and 3 baby/kids. Most of the guests stayed for the super Bowl. What an exciting game. Too bad both teams couldn't win.
Tomorrow I go for a CT scan of my liver and lungs to make sure the chemotherapy is working. I fully expect them to be smaller.