Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Day 7

Sunday was a busy fun day. I went to early church at Hope Lutheran. The lessons were on healing lepers. One of the stories was about Namaan, the Syrian army captain who had leprosy and went to Elisha to be healed. He pitched a hissy when Elisha sent a messanger out who told him to go dip in the Jordan 7 times. He was insulted because Elisha didn't bother to come out himself and make a big deal out of calling on the name of the LORD to heal him. And what's so great about the Jordan anyway? He could have stayed home and bathed in his own rivers.
     I generally like those sorts of stories full of hubris and complicated emotions anyway, but I really liked this one  because of the healing aspect. When the pastor was giving the sermon, I just kept thinking how I would so dip myself in the Jordan 7 times and WHAT was wrong with this guy. 
      After a nap, Marty and I took a ride in the country and stopped by to visit some Folk Festival friends. We had an impromptu dinner party before Sunday night shape note singing, when my friend,
 Donna and Dan from  Bethlehem came (with food and helping hands) before the singing.
      Although I didn't feel the greatest, it was very diverting, but boy was I tired