Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday Day #10 Like topsy

I got up feeling fine, so I was dismayed when I lost my breakfast. and it was such a nice one too. Just a little cough started it all. When I was resting on the couch after all that, feeling depressed about how soon the next chemo cycle would be, Marty came in and said, "You need to get away from this. I was looking at airline tickets last night to Costa Rica. We could leave tomorrow."
I looked out the window at the sleet coming down and said. "Let's do it"
It made for a very complicated day. I went to work, and had to rearrange my schedule and leave lots of notes for the secretary, arrange for coverage at Baby Preview, and arrange for pet/house sitting. Unfortunately, I had to cancel plans to meet Caitlin and Allison in Boston for Allie's birthday February 27. There is so little time that I feel good between chemo cycles. I just can't do every thing. This cycle has been such a tough one psychologically for me. I hope they'll forgive me and I can make it up to them later.
By afternoon, I was already feeling physically lighter, although psychologically weighted and ambivalent about rashly canceling so many commitments. But we are almost packed and ready to go. I am feeling like I can find a little joy in life again. Hopefully, there will be WIFI in Costa Rica and I can blog about the trip. Adios!