Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day #6 On the mend?

Marty gave me pearl earrings and a a pearl necklace for Valentines. Caitlin sent heart PJ pants, which I will photograph soon.
We finally had a day with nowhere to be first thing in the morning, and had a nice blueberry pancake breakfast. I went back to the couch for most of the morning. It is amazing how good it feels. Marty made me get up for lunch and we went to look for some new carpet for the lower level. I bought lots of fruit at the Farmer's Market. I crave fruit all day. I think it must be a detoxifier.
We had a surprise snow shower and made a nice fire. We are tired of so much cold, but I will miss building fires. I'm feeling better, less patina and ick tonight. I just keep knocking back all the drugs and waiting for tomorrow to be better.