Sunday, February 22, 2009

We had a sunny day today, so we went off adventuring. The place where we are staying has its own nature trail. so we took that in the morning. In the afternoon we took a tour on horse back to La Fortuna Falls. ( Me on horseback imagine).We rode through a farm with a lot of cows to avoid the road to the Falls. Since it was Saturday, the guide had his wife and kids with him. The little girl was about 8 and a dare devil on her pony. The baby was 16 months and sat on the saddle in front of the mom for the whole ride! When we arrived, we dismounted and walked down about 600 steps to the bottom of the falls, took pictures and jumped in the cold river. At least Marty did it was too cold for me to put more than  my feet in. The climb back up was arduous, but I made it and rode my horse back down. 
We relaxed and started planning the next leg of our trip. Sunday we will drive to the Monteverde area. It is big national park that has 1000s of different plant and animal species.