Monday, February 9, 2009

Round #3 Day1 Made it through

Sunrise Let the Chemo begin AM Full Moon Setting

I chickened out and didn't take the Atavan for anxiety. I did yoga instead this morning and that calmed me down. The things I worried about most went ok. The nurse put the needle in the port on the first try. The mint lifesavers masked the bad taste when they flushed the port with saline. I felt ok with all the medicines.
My new doctor ordered the longer acting anti-nausea medicine for the 3rd day instead of today, so hopefully that will carry over for a few more days. I get a shorter acting one tomorrow and the next day. It instilled confidence that he was paying attention and trying to make me more comfortable.
We were there 8 hours, but Allie took good care of me. We played games, I slept some, and we watched a bunch of episodes of "Arrested Development" a funny TV show.
We go back tomorrow at 9:30 AM but only for 2 hours.