Thursday, February 26, 2009

Manuel Antonio and Quepos

   Notice the Pacific Ocean in the background of the cow pasture.  
 After being in the mountain rainforest, where the temperature dropped into the 50s at night, we headed south to the hot tropical coastal region. On the way we changed cars to an automatic so Marty could drive. The roads are better in the south so we are having a smoother ride. Yesterday we spent the day in the Manual Antonio Park, which is a protected area along the beach. We spent the morning hiking and saw monkeys, a sloth and of all things, 2 deer. We spent the afternoon at the beach in the park. It is wooded along beach, so we didn't have to sit out in the sun. Lying under big trees at the beach in the shade was novel and relaxing. There was some wave action which made the ocean fun.
The hotel where we are staying is lush and tropical. It is hot and humid, but I am finally getting my fill of the sun and it's nice to use the pool and swim in the warm ocean. Our room has a balconey with an ocean view and is the place to be at sunset.