Sunday, June 14, 2009


My former co-worker, Kathy, her husband, John, and our friend Amy came over to help me make my new square foot beds. We hauled rocks to make the borders, then dug out 6 inches of rock and dirt and replaced it with mix of peat, vermiculite and cowmanure/humus mix. They knocked out two new beds in 2 hours and we had a pleasant dinner together.

Before they came I took the convertible to the garden centers. And you thought it was just a sports car. It is really easy to load things in the back seat with no doors or roof to worry about.
I visited the "infirmary" rack at Home Depot. They had half flats of marigolds, geranium and inpatiens for $2.67! They really don't look that bad. They just need to get them into the ground and nursed back to health. I also used my birthday money from my mom to buy some big hanging baskets, some red geraniums, herbs and tomatoes. My botanist friend, Susan, is coming to help me plant tomorrow night.

I have been so late getting a garden in and all this help is such a wonderful gift.