Saturday, June 13, 2009

Relay for life

Thanks to all my friends and family for donating for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Last Friday I sent out emails, posted on facebook, added a link to my blog and made what I though was an ambitious goal of $500. Today, one week later, we've raised over $1000. I am so touched by your generosity and support. It makes me feel like I have a whole team of people behind me. Like that guy on the Verizon commercial. In case you still want to donate I think you can any time.

I went to the opening of the event tonight. The team from my church, Hope Walking, was camping out 6PM to 6AM. I went for the survivor walk. It was visually meaningful. The survivors walked one way around the track and the caregivers the other. When we met in the middle, the caregivers met their survivor and continued around the track with them.I didn't take any pictures, so I hope someone will email me some.
Staying over looked like fun. I have an all day Sacred Harp sing to attend tomorrow and I invited a family to stay over at my house, so I needed to be home.

My second radiation went fine. No side effects so far. I arranged my radiation schedule so that Mary, Penny and I can leave Wednesday morning after radiation at 7:30AM and come back Thursday for radiation at 3:30PM.