Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great weekend

I will be putting up a message all week for contributions to Relay for Life. Many thanks for those of you who have contributed. My Donation Page
Today was Music Sunday at church. All the choirs sang and it all around spirit filled.
After church, Marty and I took the convertible out to visit my friend Jean's little farm. She gave me snow peas, snap peas, a couple kinds of lettuce and some Belgium radishes. She also gave me tomatoes plants, so I was inspired to get my garden going.
The pictures are the before and during of the 4X4 foot bed I made for Square Foot gardening.( It is supposed to be a raised bed, but I dug down instead so I could use a rock border instead of boards. I want to do two more beside it if I get some help. The pictures are before and during. I will post the "after" tomorrow. It got too dark for picture taking.
It really didn't take me all that long to do the little garden bed, but I was really tired and sore when it was done. I got out all my fancy creams that I made the other night: piggy polish to soak my feet and coconut and lemongrass bath salts.
The other pictures are of new growth on a maple tree and my peony. I saw a Scarlet Tanager in the woods today, but couldn't get a picture.