Friday, January 23, 2009

Chemo done for this cycle!

I am happy to be done with cycle 2 of chemo. 2 down 4 to go. I got my shot this morning to boost my white cell count. I am tired today and trying to work a little. I'll go home soon. The chemotherapy was ok this time. I had the port which they punched a needle into the first day. I can leave the same needle in for all the three days. They didn't give me that options the first day and pulled it, which was regrettable because the nurse had a hard time putting the needle in the second day. They also added another antinausea drug the second and third day. It seemed to help later in the day.
Allie took good care of me. She kept me amused and well stocked with treats. Actually, she took care of every thing, like writing down all my appointments and treatments, making sure I got all my meals. I am able to eat, and sleep and sleep and sleep.
I went to my yoga class that they have for cancer patients last night and that was relaxing. They have a lot of inexpensive services at the cancer center. I have a massage scheduled in two weeks. Never had one so I'm looking forward to that.