Friday, January 9, 2009

FYI: If you tried to comment before without success, please try again. Caitlin and Allison have fixed the problem.
Marty update: His arm is in a sling but seems ok. We could use help getting our Chrstmas tree down.
Today got an early start when Marty and I headed off to the hospital at 6:20 AM. It was all the standard stuff. Who are you, what is your birthday, why are you here, any allergies, take off your clothes, put on a gown, let me start your IV,etc. The doctor was held up and I had to wait awhile in the operating room which was boring and annoying. The doctor finally arrived, apologetic. I told him to take a deep breath and take his time. They gave me what they called conscious sedation, but in my case there was nothing conscious about it. I woke up when they were finishing up without any grogginess.
It was actually a little more involved than I thought. I have a big dressing on my neck where they threaded the IV through and another on the chest where they put the port in. They both hurt and they both have to stay covered for 14 days. I can't swim for 14 days. I can shower after 3 days, but I have to change the dressing every time I shower.
After the procedure, I went down to the Image Center where I got my wig and had them shave my head. I was only going to get the Yoga schedule, but decided to take the plunge, because my half bald head was kind of depressing. If I get up the nerve, I'll post a baldie picture tomorrow.
My friend, Kathy, stopped over to visit this afternoon. I put on the wig before she came and when she opened the door she complimented me on my new hair cut. (I don't think she was faking) So I was glad that her first words weren't "I see you got a wig!" I also bought some scarfy things that wrap around. I am hoping Caitlin can cut a pattern from them and I can make some more.
We are supposed to have snow tomorrow and I am hoping for a relaxing snow day.