Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off to Fox Chase tomorrow

I'm feeling a little nervous tonight about the lung biopsy tomorrow. Heaven knows I'm used to procedures and tests . (3 CT scans, 1 MRI, 1 Bone scan, 1 PET scan, 1 liver biopsy 1 port insertion and 3 days on chemotherapy) I don't know if it's because of the drive (one and a half hours) or because it is so important. I'm worried a little that my lung could collapse and I would have to stay in the hospital down there. I worried the pathologist won't agree to get the results before Monday,or that the results will be ambiguous. I guess I'm most worried that something is going to happen that I haven't anticipated.
The Partnership (my employer) sent a cheerful arrangement of flowers. Flowers and presents are definitely the upside of having cancer.
I worked today and saw three clients, which takes my mind off my concerns. They're all very sweet and worried that I have cancer. One of them is losing her job because the Arby's at the mall is closing. The economy must be bad.
Marty went to the the orthopedist, who thinks his arm is ok and sent him to Physical Therapy for a month. It is going to be really cold the next few days. We could use some help getting some wood hauled in on Thursday or Friday until Allie gets here. I decided I like the tree up, so I'll wait until Allie comes to take it down.