Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fox Chase Rocks

I was a little anxious about this whole thing, so I'm relieved that it went so well. Now I'm just nervous about the pathology report.
Fox Chase ran a tight ship, the staff was pleasant and gave me plenty of sedation. (Gotta love Versed). The staff was having french toast for breakfast and it smelled so good to poor fasting me. My nurse promised me some after the biopsy if my lung x-ray didn't show a puncture. It was really yummy.
The nurses were really surprised by all the dressings I had on my neck and chest from the port placement. When they put ports in at Fox Chase, they just glue them shut, tell them not to shower for 2 days and that's it. My doctors at Reading, told to redress them every time I took a shower for 2 weeks!
The biopsy site is a little sore when I draw a deep breath, but they didn't even put a bandaid on it! I'll work tomorrow and Friday, then I'll get a little break and hopefully start chemo on Monday.