Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chemo round 2

Nora and the baby are doing well. She said she was up and doesn't have much pain and the baby is nursing well. I hope to make it to Hershey to see them tomorrow. Fortunately, Marty took these pictures
The first day of the chemo is about 7 hours. Day 2 and Day 3 will about 1 and a half hours. They used to port today and that worked out great. I was a little nervous and it wasn't any worse than getting stuck with an IV. They had given me lidocaine to put on hour ahead of time to numb it.
Allie and I dragged along a number of things to amuse us, but we ended up watching the Inauguration all day. I could have slept, but I stayed awake until after the address. There were some great interviews with people in the crowd. they had cute stories about the Bush girls meeting with the Obama girls and showing them fun places in the White House and which staff to go to if one need as hug. If you didn't see the Inauguration, you have to go to you tube and watch Aretha Franklin sing God Bless America and see her hat. It was stunning in the Church Lady Sort of way.
Allie and both slept when we got home since we had missed so much sleep the night before. We were glad for our crockpot dinner. Just made some potatoes and carrots. I took some antinausea stuff which worked well. I had an appetite and ate just fine. Time for bed even though we don't go in until 11:30 tomorrow.